Letter to President Biden: sanctions and internet access in Russia and Belarus

Reporting from Ukraine

Free Press Unlimited, together with 39 organisations, has undersigned a letter to President Biden to carefully consider the impact of restricting the Russian public's access to the internet.

The statement sets out to deplore Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and condemns the grave violations committed by Russian forces there.

It goes on to applaud the efforts by the Biden Administration and other governments to respond with strong and targeted sanctions.

However, the letter expresses concerns about growing calls to stop the Russian public from being able to access the internet, arguing that this might result in further repression by the Russian government. 

The letter finishes with a set of recommendations for the US and like-minded governments to consider.

Read the full letter here:



Access Now


Azerbaijan Internet Watch

Beam Reports

Center for Democracy & Technology

Committee to Protect Journalists

Dangerous Speech Project/Christchurch Call Advisory Network

Digital Impact and Governance Initiative (DIGI) @ New America

Digital Rights Kashmir

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Free Belarus Coalition

Freedom House

Free Press Unlimited

Friends of Angola

Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)

Guernica 37 Group

Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic at the Berkman Klein Center

Human Rights First

Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Watch

Index on Censorship

International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP)

Internet Society

Paradigm Initiative (PIN)

Project Expedite Justice

Manushya Foundation

Mass Media Defence Centre

Media Diversity Institute - Armenia

Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)

Miaan Group

Net Freedoms Project

Ranking Digital Rights

RFK Human Rights


Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good

US Ukrainian Activists

Wikimedia Foundation

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)

World Wide Web Foundation

Xnet - Spain


Photo by Paul Enkelaar/Maidan, Ukraine.

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