The Erased: hero stories

Besides making censorship visible, the Erased also shines a light on the heroic journalists that face arrest, assaults or imprisonment. Read their stories here. 

Stories of 2023

Sheyla Urdaneta

Sheyla Urdaneta - Venezuela

"On the last day of my investigation in this area, I was taken by some soldiers from my hostel to the office of the chief soldier."
Pidson Kareire

Pidson Kareire - Uganda

"All journalists whose rights are violated should be given help. If the censorship is not stopped, the journalists and their stories will be erased. Journalists are mirrors of society and that is precisely why they are so important to this world."
Naw Betty Han

Naw Betty Han - Myanmar

"We were threatened. Not with prosecution, but with death. They pointed guns at our heads and claimed they would shoot us."
Kelly Duda

Kelly Duda - USA

"Being wrongfully accused opened my eyes to the dangers journalists face everyday. My experience, though both terrifying and infuriating, pales in comparison to what many reporters around the world are enduring - and just for doing their jobs."
Abdalle Ahmed Mumin

Abdalle Ahmed Mumin - Somalia

"Over the past six months, I have faced all kinds of physical and legal harassment, death threats and endless persecution. The judges were biased and completely corrupt."

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