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We often have a critical and keen eye on current developments when they affect the media, freedom of the press and independent journalism.

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Leon Willems

Monopoly of journalism is a disastrous feat for pluralism

The survival of independent journalism requires public investment, writes Leon Willems.
Ruth Kronenburg

Democracy is sounding the alarm bells

"Freedom of the press has long been an important pillar of every democracy. After all, free and independent press calls those in power to account and ensures that societies are (more) transparent. But the Corona crisis has plunged independent journalism into a crisis. "often make this possible. The major concern about emergency laws is that they are intended as a temporary measure, but in practice often turn out to be permanent."

Our director Ruth Kronenburg wrote an article about how (repressive) governments are using the pandemic to create “fake news” legislation. As a result, journalists who report facts and criticisms about the virus are arrested or legally prosecuted.
Leon Willems

Preventing the Death of Independent Journalism

In this article, our director Leon Willems draws attention to the increasing number of attacks on freedom of expression and freedom of the press. He compares the state of independent journalism to the tale of the boiled frog.

"A story too good to fact-check is the tale of the boiled frog. Rather than being dropped directly into boiling water – from which it would instantly jump – the frog is slid gently into a pot of comfortably warm water, and the heat is turned up. By the time the frog realizes that the water has gotten too hot, it is too late, and it is boiled alive. Independent journalism may now be confronting a similar scenario."

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