Access to reliable information is the way to fight disinformation in Syria

Syria Summit in Brussels
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Syria Summit in Brussels

The best recipe against disinformation is access to reliable and independent information. For this, measures to guarantee the survival of quality journalism in Syria is essential. In the Syrian context independent media are a driving force for rebuilding Syrian society. y promoting dialogue, accountability and democracy, media acts as a catalyst for inclusive recovery and sustainable development.

That is the main conclusion of the Syria Summit, an initiative of Free Press Unlimited. Panelists from independent media, civil society, and the EU representatives explored the efforts needed which were then set out in a new policy document. The aim is to secure our long-standing efforts for independent media in Syria and strengthen local networks.


Besides strengthening independent media, Free Press Unlimited's efforts focus on countering disinformation. During the process of restoring democratic values in Syria, media should be empowered to expose corruption and mismanagement. This can help increase transparency, restore citizens' faith in a trustworthy government, and help with effective governance of the country.

Journalists in Syria face major challenges every day. They face risks like threats and measures that undermine press freedom. Free Press Unlimited remains committed to advocate internationally for the necessary protection of journalists working to spread reliable information.

Free Press Unlimited makes a series of recommendations to donors and Syrian media in its policy document. Read the full statement here:

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