The Free Press Award in the category Most Resilient Journalist is presented to a journalist who has demonstrated extraordinary strength of character, courage and perseverance in reporting the news.

Nominees of the Most Resilient Journalist have often faced imprisonment, violence and censorship for doing their job. They have shown a strong commitment to press freedom and independent information, and are generally highly-regarded journalists who are willing to risk their life or their freedom in order to keep the public informed.

They produce their work in the face of government oppression, political pressure, intimidation, physical violence and other obstacles. The Most Resilient Journalist Award honours journalists who risk everything to bring us the news, media pioneers who pave the way for equality and justice and those who persevere under the most difficult circumstances.

Anyone in the broader field of journalism could be nominated – from professional reporters, editors, photojournalists, technologists and media professionals to citizen journalists, cartoonists or bloggers. People working in print, broadcast or online media, in any country around the world.

Before submitting your nomination, please make sure you have gathered the following required documentation:

  • A written description of the context within which the nominee is active.
  • A 'nomination statement' explaining why you believe the nominee should be considered for this category. This statement is one of the key documents reviewed within the award selection process. Please explain in detail how your candidate satisfies the eligibility requirments, using concrete and specific that effectively illustrate the nominee's commitment to press freedom.

Exampless of the nominee's work:

  • For print journalists (including online media): 1 or 2 articles written bij the nominee;
  • For editors or publishers: 1 or 2 representative examples of the nominee's output;
  • For television or radio reporters or producers: an audio or video clip that features the candidate or that has been produced by the candidate (audio recordings can be digitally uploaded or burned to CD and submitted by regular post; video clips can be digitally uploaded or submitted with WeTransfer;
  • For photojournalist: 2 or 3 representative photographs taken by the nominee.
  • The preferred language of submission for your nomination is either English or French.
  • All nominations need to be received before July 15th 2019 (00:00 CEST).

In recognition of his or her achievements, the winner of the Most Resilient Journalist Award will receive EUR 15,000.


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