Khadija Ismayilova

Award-winning investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova was jailed at a closed trial


Free Press Unlimited is deeply saddened and concerned about Khadija Ismayilova's 7.5 years sentence in Azerbaijan earlier this week, though this is not coming unexpected. The Azeribaijani government's crackdown on independent journalism and critical voices has already affected many of our colleagues.

Journalist Rasim Aliyev is vermoord

The cycle of violence against journalists in Azerbaijan needs to end


Journalist Rasim Aliyev is murdered; human rights violations increase in the wake of the European Games and the run-up to the parliamentary elections

Burundi, Jan Joseph Stok

International press freedom groups call on Burundi to investigate attacks on journalists


In a statement eighteen press freedom, media development and human rights organizations denounce the continued attacks on and threats to journalists, media workers and human rights defenders In Burundi.

“Radio is important to rebuild Iraq”


“Media brings everyone together. Media is a tool people won’t reject easily. It’s a tool to get more knowledge and solutions, to get your word out”, says Bushra Al Ameen. 

Smart phones confiscated. Moroccan authorities remain silent.


Free Press Unlimited condemns the confiscation of smart phones by the Moroccan police and the disruption of a training. 

Wadada in Kosovo

Prix Jeunesse Int. and WADADA News for Kids in Kosovo


A one-day event devoted to the youth of the city was organized by Prix Jeunesse International and WADADA News for Kids. The day was moderated by Jan-Willem Bult, head of Children, Youth & Media department of the Amsterdam based organization...

Jaarverslag 2014

Annual Report 2014: the need of press freedom higher on the agenda


By war violence, millions of people in 2014 not only lost their homes, but also their access to reliable information. In many countries, leaders and armed groups strengthened their grip on the media. It is an alarming development. Freedom of the...