“Whistleblowers who serve the public interest deserve to be protected”


Free Press Unlimited condemns the conviction of “LuxLeaks” whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet on Wednesday, June 29. Both have received suspended sentences of 12 and 9 months and fines of €1,500 and €1,000 respectively.

Photo by: Hani Taha

Tribal News Network in Pakistan will start producing local news for mobile phones


The radio and online news outlet Tribal News Network (TNN) in Pakistan will start producing local news that listeners can hear by dialing a number on their mobile phone.


Freedom of expression should not be on trial


Free Press Unlimited urges the French Members of Parliament to use their political leverage and bilateral relations with Morocco to exert pressure in the case of Moroccan human rights activists and journalists on trial.

WADADA News For Kids in Zambia

Annual report Free Press Unlimited 2015


Providing support for independent news production in Syria, founding a newsplatform for independent Russian language countries and being selected by the Dutch government as a strategic partner. Read about these milestones in our Annual Report 2015.


Citizens become change makers through digital storytelling in Zimbabwe.


In Zimbabwe, mainstream media hardly report on local issues. Mobile Community Zimbabwe aims to change this. By training citizens on how to use mobile phones and to teach them how to report these stories.


“We are the generation that is establishing the foundation for real journalism.”


Following the revolution in Syria in 2011, several new Syrian media were founded on the grounds of producing professional and independent journalism. Enab Baladi is one of those independent outlets. 


Journalist Khadija Ismayilova released from prison


After 537 days in prison, the Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova was released on probation on the 25th of May.


One kind of news is as bad as no news


The need for reliable and diverse news-outlets serving Russian-speaking communities was the leading theme of the conference “The Future of Independent Russian-language Media” on 29 April.