The myth of internet freedom in Azerbaijan


Although the internet is supposedly the only remaining platform for dissent in Azerbaijan, more than 30 online activists were criminally prosecuted or intimidated by the authorities, between July 2014 and November 2015.

Worldwide call for digital encryption


Free Press Unlimited and more than 170 organisations and companies worldwide are asking government leaders to support strong encryption:

Green light given to fully support the Russian Language News Exchange


Free Press Unlimited has been given the green light by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders to set up together with other partner organizations a Russian Language News Exchange.

These seven Moroccan human rights defenders are on trial...


On November 19th, 2015 seven human rights defenders will stand trial in Morocco. Five of them are charged with “threatening the internal security of the State” and face up to five years in prison. Two of them are charged with “receiving foreign funding without notifying the General Secretariat of the government” which can result in a fine. This is wrongful prosecution and violates fundamental freedoms of expression, speech, association and privacy.

Free Press Unlimited honours young filmmakers from Syria and Pakistan


On Thursday 3 December, Free Press Unlimited will be presenting two awards to young filmmakers  – from Syria and Pakistan respectively – during an awards ceremony at the UNAOC PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival in New York City. 

International appeal to the Moroccan authorities to drop charges against human rights defenders


We, international human rights, peace and freedom of expression organizations, are gravely concerned about the harassment and prosecution of seven human rights defenders and journalists in Morocco.

Maati Monjib: hungry for freedom in Morocco


Free Press Unlimited and PAX are deeply concerned about the health of the Moroccan journalist and human rights defender Maati Monjib. Monjib has been on hunger strike in protest against a travel ban and is in hospital now. Sign the petition to stop the policy of intimidation carried out by the Moroccan government!

Signing Ethical Charter Syria

Ethics in times of war


Over 20 Syrian (new) media institutions signed the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media. A great achievement in a time of war!