Reporters Respond is an emergency fund for journalists and is managed by Free Press Unlimited. The fund is meant to help journalists who have been confronted with vandalism or intimidations get started again as soon as possible.

Around the world, members of the press face an increasing level of repression, violence and intimidation by governments, interest groups, militia and other parties. Unfortunately, for many journalists working in troubled areas, such threats are a daily reality. Many lose their equipment, their offices and sometimes even their lives.

To help assaulted reporters continue their vital work, Free Press Unlimited has launched Reporters Respond. This international emergency fund provides direct assistance to journalists and media outlets, enabling them to resume work as quickly as possible when faced with local obstruction. Support is provided irrespective of the medium and the area covered by the journalist or outlet.

Reporters Respond offers: 

  • Knowledge and resources that help the recipient to circumvent censorship and communicate safely and securely;
  • Safety and security courses (on location or elsewhere);
  • Quick, concrete solutions in the event of an emergency.


  • You are a practicing media worker;
  • Your emergency situation is a direct result of being a media worker; 
  • You recognize that this assistance is not structural but provided on an incidental (one-time) basis; 
  • You recognize that the aim of our support is to get you back to work as soon as possible;
  • Your situation can be confirmed by at least two trusted sources outside of yourself.

You can apply for assistance if: 

  • You need to repair or replace equipment that was broken in an act of violence; 
  • You work on the ground (which means not in exile); 
  • You need this support to continue your work as soon as possible; 
  • You need to pay for ambulance costs after being physically assaulted; 
  • We cover legal costs if necessary. 


Please complete the application form. For additional questions you can email us at or contact our Free Press Unlimited office on: 
+31 20 8000 497. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

Reporters Respond application form