Free Press Awards

The Free Press Awards recognise journalists and media professionals who have a strong commitment with press freedom and independent information. We will honour journalists and media professionals who continue no matter what. 

Free Press Unlimited wants to honor journalists who risk everything to bring us the news, media pioneers who pave the way for equality and justice and those who persevere under the most difficult circumstances. The Free Press Awards will recognise exceptional work in the categories Newcomer of the Year and Most Resilient Journalist.

Free Press Awards 2023

The nominations for the Free Press Awards of 2023 have closed on 15 August 2023. The nominees and winners will be announced in September and October 2023.

Criteria Free Press Awards

Nominations for the awards will be judged by an independent panel of international experts. Please note the following when nominating:

  • You can not nominate yourself;
  • When you nominate someone, make sure this person is aware and gives permission;
  • Make sure you have sufficient examples of work to upload with the nomination, preferably a minimum of three pieces;
  • To be eligible for the category of Newcomer of the Year, the nominee should be active as a journalist for a maximum of three years.

The winner in the category 'Newcomer of the Year' will receive a media scholarship by choice. The winner in the category 'Most Resilient Journalist' will receive a cash prize. Read more about the categories Newcomer of the Year and Most Resilient Journalist.

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